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With the UK leaving the EU on 31 December 2020, customs clearance for UK-EU trade has been extended to third countries, so everything from the waves lapping the south coast of England, to the Welsh bards, to the hills echoing the Scottish hooter, is now considered imports and exports.

We know that this is a change of such magnitude that it represents a not insignificant extra burden for businesses. We can’t take all the burden off businesses, but by using our customs clearance and advisory services we can make it much easier to navigate the maze of laws and regulations.

List of our services:

– Special customs procedures and their requirements
– Preliminary customs, VAT and excise calculations
– Customs export declaration
– Transit (T1)
– Import customs declaration
– GVMS (Goods and Vehicle Movement System)
– IPAFFS prior notification (for live animals, animal products, organic and high risk food and feed)
– EORI registration
– VAT registration for DDP parcels or small parcels (under £135)
– Consultation

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The ports we use:
– Dover.
– Dover, Liverpool
– Dover Dover, Dover, Felixstowe
– London Gateway
– Southampton
– Tilbury
Attention! The list of the ports we use is constantly growing, if you can’t find the port you need please contact us.