Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As customs agents, we believe it is important that our clients receive fast, accurate and precise answers to their questions. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions so that they can be found in one place.

How much does the service cost?

As each customs clearance is unique, we cannot provide a package price. For a customized price, please contact us

What documents and information would you need for a customs clearance?

The invoice, the delivery note, the tariff slip, the various transport data are needed for customs clearance.

How fast is the customs clearance process? How much earlier do I have to send the documentation to customs?

All information and documentation should be sent as quickly as possible to ensure that we can clear your goods in time. It is also important to allow sufficient time in case of any complications.

What is the EORI number and why is it important?

Registration and identification of economic operators. If you want to move goods between England and any other country (including EU Member States), you will need this number > If you are moving goods for personal use only, you will not need an EORI number.

What is deferred VAT and why is it important?

If your company is registered for VAT in the UK, it is also eligible for deferred VAT accounting, so you can automatically use deferred VAT accounting for imports. The system can be used as soon as the VAT registration has been made.

Where can I check the VAT and customs duty percentage for the tariff heading?

How much import VAT and customs duty do I have to pay?

Go to enter your customs number and click on the link in the middle of the page to use the HMRC customs calculator